And whatever you ask in prayer you will receive if you have faith.

Matthew 21:22






Lord Jesus,


I want to ask You today to help me look at and see all people, situations and sin as the same... I get so easily sidetracked and although I know it is wrong I can begin to categorize sin... Its easy to forget that all disease and sickness is a breath, a word away from being gone when You are in the house! Why even death has no power when You command it to leave. God help me to reach out to all people with the same love as You. Don't let me consider some repulsive or untouchable. Help me to not be afraid to reach out to them with Your love. Dear God change my view, clear my eyes, and give me a generous, loving heart so I can be the representative You want me to be.

In Jesus name,





Jesus reached out and touched the man and said,

" Of course I will. Be healed" and the leprosy left him instantly!


Luke 5:13





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