And whatever you ask in prayer you will receive if you have faith.

Matthew 21:22





"Taking Responsibility"


Dear Lord,


I read today about another sports figure in court who may or not be guilty and how they were going back and forth over the "he did" / she did" scenario.  And how the judge throws out this evidence but keeps the other and on and on. Its seems as though there is no real justice, only who's lawyer is better and if they can find one little way a mistake was made...


Doesn't matter whether your guilty or not, only if "the law" was executed properly...


God help us as people today to take responsibility for our actions. If we do something wrong to stand up and say sorry I goofed, or it was my fault...


Help us not to make excuses or try to give our reasons to justify what has been done.


In Jesus Name I ask You,



"Pilate saw that he was not getting anywhere

and things were getting out of hand

he washed his hands and said

I am innocent of the blood of this man,

the responsibility is yours" 

Matthews 27:24






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