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"In that day the LORD Almighty will be a glorious crown,

a beautiful wreath for the remnant of his people." 

 Luke 1:49


Communication in Marriage


     1.  Never Take Your Spouse for Granted

Donít suppose you already know how he or she feels or that he or she knows how you feel.  Express your feelings; verbalize whatís on your heart. 


     2.  Understand Your Partnerís Perspective

A threat to communication is to believe you know what the other person is thinking.  Give them a chance.  When you understand the other personís viewpoint, it may surprise you how much sense it makes. 


     3.  Feel You Have a Right to Express Your Feelings

If you disagree with your spouse, say so in humility.  Help your partner to understand why you feel the way you do and try to understand your partnerís feelings. 


     4.  Think Before Speaking

We all have sensitive areas.  When in conflict, do not attack  your mateís tender spots.  Harsh words cannot be recalled; the hurt has already been done.  Stop and think before you say something you may forever regret 


     5.  Talk Things Over

Most of us nowadays do not take the time to understand one another.  Life is complicated; everybody is busy and in a hurry.  Take some time to be alone.  Share some common tasks together.  A weekend away from home (as time and money allow) may be the best investment youíll ever make.


     6.  Always be Interested in Your Partner

Involve yourself as much as possible in their life.  Try to understand where they are coming from, how they feel, what their needs are and why they feel the way they do.


     7.  Forget Using Pressure Tactics to Get Your Own Way

We reveal our immaturity and selfishness by our silence, sarcasm and other tactics.  This makes our partner defensive and will divide instead of unify. 


     8.  Make Major Decisions Only After Talking Them Over

Discuss with your spouse every major decision. Donít leave them out, hide things from them or surprise them too late.  Include your children a well when the decision will affect them. 


     9.  Allow the Lord &Your Faith to be Sources of Strength

Pray together about your challenges.  Seek Godís will and wisdom in time of need.  Allow God to develop the fruit of the Spirit in your marriage.  A peaceful atmosphere prevails when God is included in your union. 


    10.  Be Optimistic

Iíve never seen a storm that didnít pass by.  Most every problem will have a solution.  Use faith and believe God will enable you to solve every conflict to the glory of God.



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