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  And whatever you ask in prayer you will receive if you have faith.

Matthew 21:22



"A Good Foundation"


Dear Lord,


I pray that You would help us do an inspection and take a good look at our lives. Help us to start at the very bottom and not to stop until we complete the review. Your word tells of the fact that any house that is built must have a good foundation and our bodies are spoken of as "temples". We too must have a good foundation. Help us to start there. Let us be good inspectors using Your standards to judge our very foundations. Have we asked You to be our savior and leader? Did we mean it? Do we repent and seek Your forgiveness each and every day? Are we building our lives upon Your word? Help us to start right here in our own lives and then reach out to a world that needs You so desperately.  


In Jesus Name I pray,




But the Lord God says, see I am placing a Foundation Stone in Zion-a firm, precious, Cornerstone that is safe to build on.   He who believes need never run away again.


Isaiah 28:16



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