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RainDrops Prayers - Yesterday's Prayers

  And whatever you ask in prayer you will receive if you have faith.

Matthew 21:22



"Asking, Seeking, Knocking "


"Faith that works"...


Dear Lord,


Isn't it funny how each of those words end in "king"?


Help me to learn to ask You Lord... Sometimes it is so hard to do. The old joke about the fact men refuse to ask for directions comes to mind and it is more true than false.


Teach me to "seek". I sometimes ask and then it becomes easy to sit back and wait to see what You will do, instead of making a point to actually look for the answer.


And then give me the courage to "knock". There are many "doors" that You have placed in front of me over the course of my life. I know I have looked at some before and then never took the time to actually "knock".


Help me Lord to listen and do what Your word tells me, and then trust You to do the rest!



In Jesus Name I pray,




"Ask and you will be given what you ask for.

Seek and you will find it.

Knock and the door will open"

Matthew 7:19



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