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  And whatever you ask in prayer you will receive if you have faith.

Matthew 21:22





Dear Heavenly Father,


I was reading this morning about a couple on their way to the hospital with the wife in labor. They had run into a traffic jam as her water broke and she just told her husband to turn on the "lights and drive on the shoulder". Of course it was not long before a cop showed up. Finally a cop when you need one they rejoiced. But upon arriving at the hospital the cop wrote the anxious father a ticket for "endangering others on the roadway".


Lord it reminded me of how when Jesus arrived on earth that so many rejoiced that finally You had sent them a King! They were sure that He was to become a national leader who would restore their nation. They were so into the way they thought You would do things that they missed the real mission of Christ. Only after His death and resurrection did they begin to really understand how they had been led to a deeper understanding of Your truth.


Oh God give us eyes and ears today to know You better, to truly seek out Your direction, to know who we are to help, how to pray, and what we are to pray for. Let us pray in the Spirit, and give us powerful direction,  


In Jesus name,




"Jesus rode along on a young donkey, fulfilling the prophecy that said;

"Don't be afraid of your King, people of Israel,

for He will come to you meekly, sitting on a donkey's colt"


John 12:14



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