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  And whatever you ask in prayer you will receive if you have faith.

Matthew 21:22



"Burning Sin!"


Lord Jesus,


The news today had an article telling how a man in Salt Lake City had come home for lunch and found gasoline leaking from his tank. In a hurry he had decided to catch it and not knowing how to get rid of it he poured it down the toilet. But a pilot light from a nearby heater ignited the fumes, blew up the toilet and caught the whole house on fire!


I thought about how we as people try to get rid of or hide our sins. How we sometimes think that "no one will know". But You Lord always know. You know when we are good and when we are bad. We can not hide from You. We can not even hide our feelings or emotions from You. Our only hope is to call on Your name, ask for Your forgiveness and help, and You will always be there to help.


Help me today and thank You for being my God, my Lord,


In Jesus name I pray,




"You spread out our sins before You, our secret sins, and see them all"


Psalms 90:8


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