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  And whatever you ask in prayer you will receive if you have faith.

Matthew 21:22



"Comparing Ourselves"


Dear Lord,


We / I spend allot of time comparing myself, looking at others and wondering what it would be like if... If I had a car like that, if I was as good looking as them, if I were to live in that house, had that recreation room, that much money, and on and on. We have all done it. Peter did too. And the answer to me and everyone since Peter is still the You told him; "what is that to you? You just follow me!" Help me Lord to learn that lesson. Nothing else really matters except to follow You.


in Jesus Name I pray,




Turning his head, Peter noticed the disciple Jesus loved following right behind.

When Peter noticed him, he asked Jesus, "Master, what's going to happen to him?"


John 21:20-21 The Message



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