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  And whatever you ask in prayer you will receive if you have faith.

Matthew 21:22





Dear Lord,


In reading Your word this morning, the words of Solomon once again made perfect sense. But like many things in our lives we have a hard time trying to "swallow the pill". We need to learn how to accept criticism. I remember hearing the phrase constructive criticism for the first time many years ago. Even when we are right sometimes we lose our ability to see and access the situation correctly. That's when a friend can step in and point out that we have missed the mark. It never feels good when someone does that. It always hurts but it helps us to grow. It may even turn the very direction of our life. We all know when the criticism is meant to hurt and not help, and there is a big difference. But criticism meant to help can do just that. I have never found Your word to be wrong and it never has failed me. Lord teach to accept Your help when it is sent in my direction.


Thank You So much In Jesus Name,




"If you refuse criticism you will end up in poverty and disgrace; if you accept it you are on the road to fame


Proverbs 13:18



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