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  And whatever you ask in prayer you will receive if you have faith.

Matthew 21:22



"Crowds are Fickle"


Dear Lord,


Crowds are fickle. They always are. Lord I was reading in Your word about the crowd who gathered around while Pilate had Jesus in custody. That same crowd of people who just a couple of days before that gathered around You but to ask for healing, and release from worldly burdens. The same crowd that had pressed so close to You that You had to get into a boat before You were pushed into the water. The same crowd who ran around the lake to get to the other side and meet You when You arrived. Now, stirred by men with hidden agendas they gathered once more but this time seeking to see Jesus crucified. Help us Lord not to go along with the fickle crowd. Teach us not to get caught up in the crowd. Teach us to be ourselves for You. Help us to be independent from the ways of the world, and very dependent upon You.


In Jesus' precious name,




"Then what shall I do with Jesus, your messiah? Pilate asked.

And they shouted Crucify Him" 


Matthew 27:22



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