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  And whatever you ask in prayer you will receive if you have faith.

Matthew 21:22



"Doubting Thomas"


Lord Jesus,


Today I was reading in Your word about the disciples. Their names, who they were and what You had to say about them... It was Thomas that came into view. The disciple that all of us over the years have used his name in jest. "Doubting Thomas" we have called each other, yet there was another side to him. A strong and courageous side. He was the one who suggested that the disciples go with Jesus to Bethany even if it meant death!


But God the thing that I noticed the most was how You reach out to even those who doubt. You take the time and care about those whose faith is not as strong and show yourself to them. Thank You Lord for loving me even when I have doubts. Thank you for not just abandoning me when I cant really understand what's going on. Help me to believe Lord, in everything that I go through that You are there, that You are watching over me and even when I doubt, You still love me.


In Jesus name I pray,




Jesus speaking with His disciples said, "You know where I am going and you know the way" "No we don't" said Thomas..."we have no idea where You are going so how can we possibly know the way?"


John 14:4-5



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