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  And whatever you ask in prayer you will receive if you have faith.

Matthew 21:22





Lord Jesus,


It seems funny how we perceive things that we read or think that we understand. I remember reading in the gospels how You turned to the disciples after teaching them on a particular subject and said; "Do you understand?" And they all replied "yes Lord". They didn't have a clue!


Lord, You taught that we would be persecuted, hated, even thrown into prison because of our belief. Brother against brother, whole families torn apart because their faith.


God teach us today that You did not tell us that in Your word so that we would seek a way to be persecuted, or to look for a way to measure our salvation. Endurance is not something I must do in order to be saved. Help me to realize that persistence is not a means to earn salvation but, simply a "by-product" of a dedicated life in You. Oh God help me to be that dedicated that I will be found enduring to the very end if needed. Let me be committed 100% to You!


In Jesus name I pray,




"Everyone shall hate you because of me, but all of you who endure to the end shall be saved"


Matthew 10:22



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