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  And whatever you ask in prayer you will receive if you have faith.

Matthew 21:22



"Global Warming and Other Stuff"


Dear Heavenly Father,


I saw these words in an article today about global warming, "it's hard to get people worked up about global warming when it's too cool to get in the pool". As I read I could not help but thinking how we as a people are affected mostly by what is going on around only "our little world". I was listening as those in New Orleans told the news that they were told to evacuate but they could not because they did not drive, or had no money or a place to go. This despite the fact that they were being told they could be submerged in up to 20 feet of water. Dear God help us to be who we need to be, who You want us to be, to be sensitive to others and weep with them, and rejoice with them but be aware of all....Help us Lord, help them...


This morning Lord I would like to stop, bow down and thank You for being our God. To praise You for the mighty things You have done. How You watch over us each and every day we live. Thank You for every breath we breathe, every waking moment You allow us to have. Each night as I sleep I am sure that my heart will go on beating, my lungs will continue to take in air and that I will awake the next morning to live yet another day!


But even if I don't, even if as the children's prayer goes..."if I should die before I wake" I know what awaits me when I open my eyes!  Thank You Lord!


In Jesus name,




“Oh God my heart is ready to praise You! I will sing and rejoice before You”


Psalms 108:1



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