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  And whatever you ask in prayer you will receive if you have faith.

Matthew 21:22



"God Calling!"



Lord Jesus,


Did you hear about that woman in Ohio, who was sitting watching her television on a Monday evening? I guess the phone rang during her show but she had gotten up to answer it anyway. When she picked it up there was nobody on the other end, (or so it seemed).


Just as she was hanging it up she heard breaking glass and turned to see the whole wall behind the chair she had been sitting in fall down and crush the chair. A driver of a pick up truck had missed the curve in front of her house and ran into her home.


I had to think about how close You really are to us. How You speak to us in so many ways, how much You care and love us that You sometimes send Angels to protect us when things really get bad. Lord help us to learn a lesson from this, that we need to listen for You and to You all the time. Let us learn to lean on You more, and to seek Your guidance in all that we do, not just when things are not going well. Help us listen for that "small still, voice" and then act upon it.


In Jesus name I pray,



"I will never worship anyone but You! For how can I thank You enough for all that You have done?

I will surely fulfill my promises. For my deliverance comes from the Lord alone"


Jonah 2:9



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