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  And whatever you ask in prayer you will receive if you have faith.

Matthew 21:22



"God's Plans"

Father God,

I know that so many of us don't realize Your plans for this earth and us have never changed. I have found myself so frustrated by the inconsistencies in myself and others. We seem to go around in circles, chasing the next thing that might make things better. Often times we already tried it once and it failed, but the next guy comes along and thinks he will make it work or do it this way. Most of the time the idea may have worked with a little effort on our part and a "stick to it" attitude to see it through. But we get tired of trying, we get bored with the idea and off we go to try the next one, and on and on... God it is so good to know that Your ideas, your intentions for this world and us never change. You will see them through, You are trustworthy, and we can place our hopes and complete trust in You, knowing Your plan will work. Help me to always remember Your promises.


In Jesus' name I pray,




"But His plan stands forever, His intentions are the same for every generation"


Psalms 33:11



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