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  And whatever you ask in prayer you will receive if you have faith.

Matthew 21:22



"Good News"



Dear Lord,


It's Friday, the end of the week, the troubles of this week have been numerous and some very difficult. The news that many have received has not been good. It made me think about what You preached to the crowds here on earth, it was called "the good news". No wonder they flocked to You. It makes complete sense in a world full of pain and suffering.  Many are feeling like everything is spinning out of control.  Even 2000 years later, that "good news" would be a discussion that would cause people to rush to get a seat, leaving standing room only.


Help us Lord to bring the "good news" with us, wherever we go, help us to instill peace, to bring healing, and teach truth. Fill us Lord with hope and strength to go on, never tiring but refreshed each day and ready for next week. Then when someone asks; "Hey how come this doesn't get to you?", our answer will be, "Let me tell you some good news!"


In Jesus' precious name,




"Jesus traveled all through Galilee teaching in the Jewish synagogues, everywhere

preaching the Good News about the Kingdom of Heaven" 


Matthew 4:23



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