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  And whatever you ask in prayer you will receive if you have faith.

Matthew 21:22



"Hard Heart"


Dear Lord,


Help me Father.  I don't want to have a hard heart.


Each day that I live I am bombarded by hard, bitter, angry people ... They don't know You and have lost hope.  I know Christians who, like the children of Israel, have lost their vision of who You are and have become calloused.  Many have not obeyed Your instructions for their lives and now blame You and are straying from the truth.


Help me today to obey Your word, to listen to your voice, to search for Your direction.  Help me not to complain and get upset when things do not go my way. I don't want to become hard and cold hearted.


Let me remain pliable and willing to go the extra mile and always place my trust in You.

In Jesus' precious name,




"God said; I was angry with them,

for their hearts were always looking somewhere else instead of to Me

and because of that they never found the paths that I wanted them to follow " 


Hebrews 3:10



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