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  And whatever you ask in prayer you will receive if you have faith.

Matthew 21:22



"Just Doing Your Duty"




Sometimes we feel like were doing things for You. We feel like we need to be praised for all the stuff we do "in Jesus name". We have to work at being good, at forgiving, at helping our neighbor, at being a real friend. Then after working so hard we want to be praised, have our egos massaged and told what a good job we have done. Lord help us to learn our lesson. If we obey You we are only just doing our duty. You don't owe us a thing. We don't get extra credits, win any awards or get our name in the "heavenly news herald". Teach us the whole idea Lord that our time is Yours, our life and every act we do needs to be for You so that one day we can hear those words You will speak, "Well done good and faithful servant"


I ask it all in Jesus name,



"Just so if you merely obey me, you should not consider yourselves worthy of praise,

for you have only done your duty"


Luke 17:10



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