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  And whatever you ask in prayer you will receive if you have faith.

Matthew 21:22



"Karate, God Style"


"Faith that works"...


Dear Lord,


There was this article in the news about a couple of men who were "in town" for a Karate Championship and had gone to dinner that night. While they were walking back to their motel, six men stepped out with the intent of mugging them. They were warned by the two karate experts but decided to continue with the assault anyway. Within a minute being quickly beat up they all ran fleeing for their very lives.


Lord, I had to admit it brought visions of seeing You work in my life. God who is a match for You? No one. Who can stand before you, none. Who is like our God? Though outnumbered we can still win. God help us to hold fast to those words, to always remember while we are going through the rough times that You are tougher than any enemy we have or could try to overpower us, all we need to do is warn them, and call on Your name!



In Jesus Name I pray,




"Then my enemy will see that God is for me and be ashamed for taunting me, "Where is that God of yours?"

Now with my own eyes I will see them trampled down like mud in the street"

Micah 7:10



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