Bless Our Soldiers


O God, our strength and deliverer, we plead with you for the young men and women heading off to protect our country.  We love them all, Lord, even the ones we've never met.  We love them for their willingness to travel to strange lands and fight in our place.  We love them because they are your children and you love them.  We love them because we are all part of the same human family and we empathize with their churning emotions.


Their youthful faces tug at our hearts, Father.  We wish we could wipe away their loneliness, erase the heartache and guilt they feel for leaving loved ones behind, banish their dread of unknown lands, and dispel the danger.  The only thing within our power, though, is to cry out to your on their behalf.


March into battle with them,


Jehovah-Nissi -- God our Banner


Be a shield around them.  Protect their bodies from harm.  Don't let the sights they see and the things they may be forced to do wound their hearts forever.  Keep their spirits compassionate and loving in the midst of the turmoil around them.  Lift them high on a cloud of your love, keeping them peaceful, calm, and close to you even though evil seem s to prevail.  Give them courage despite fear; honor in the face of temptation.


Live inside them, Lord, because they invite you.  Let them recognize you as their commander, and if they die, welcome them home and say, "Well done, good and faithful servant."





"O Lord, my God, I take refuge in you;

save and deliver me from all who pursue me."


Psalm 7:1








Date this page was last edited:  July 10, 2004