Prayers . . . for prisoners


Gratitude for the Incarceration of a Loved One



Merciful Father, I come to you on behalf of one of your own.  You know he was living a sin-infested life that was spiraling downward and out of control.  He had no time for you or even anything humanly thought to be good.  In your providence he went too far and is now behind bars for criminally offending others.


I thank you for stopping him in his tracks, for giving him "think" time.  I thank you for graciously reaching into his life and drawing him to yourself.


Obviously, he is a changed person.  You know how his inner self has changed.  Others ar3 seeing that his outer person is different.  As he grown in you, he will become more Christ-like, developing a spirit that is very attractive to others.  They will undoubtedly commend him for his behavior, thinking it is a result of self-effort.


Lord, please keep it fresh in his mind that his improvement is not because of his own righteous thoughts and deeds, but because of your love.  You looked at his condition and graciously offered him eternity with you.  Help him always recognize and acknowledge that it is your righteousness accounted to him that has brought him to where he is.  Then whenever other comment, he will boldly point them to you.  I thank you, in Jesus' holy name.




"but we also rejoice in our sufferings,

because we know that suffering produces perseverance."


Romans 5:3








Date this page was last edited:  July 11, 2004