Prayers . . . on inner turmoil


Please Help with a Difficult Roommate



Lord, my daughter was so happy to find a roommate. She thought they would enjoy living together.  Instead, the environment in my daughter's home is causing her emotional anguish. She is vague about specific problems, Lord, so I don't fully understand the situation. I just know she calls me in tears.


Although it hurts me to see my daughter in pain, part of me thinks this is great practice for a future marriage.  So I'm asking you to teach both girls how to honestly communicate ideas and feelings.  Help my daughter be willing to really listen to any flaws her roommate points out, even if it is done poorly.  Help her to take responsibility for any problems she has caused and work to change.


Encourage her to depend on you to get her through this.  Give her wisdom to recognize unjust criticism and the courage to state why she refuses to won it.  Teach her to fully and clearly articulate any difficulties she perceives. Help her speak the truth in love, making every effort not to harm her roommate, but knowing that sometimes feelings get hurt in the process of solving problems.  Use this to shape my daughter into a strong person who loves you more each day.


If the other girl is as difficult as my daughter thinks, soften her.  Lead her to treat my child with kindness and respect.  Then when this period of time ends and they are free to separate, help my daughter use this experience as a reminder to take great care in choosing a marriage partner.  I praise you, Lord, for painful lessons!   





"Instruct a wise man and he will be wiser still;

teach a righteous man and he will add to his learning." 

Proverbs 9:9







Date this page was last edited:  July 24, 2004