Prayers . . . on release from bondage

Prayer for a Deceived Loved One


Father, this one I love is deceived.  Piece by piece she has created a dream world -- full of lies and half truths -- a world all her own.  This handmade world has encased her like an eggshell, keeping her safe, yet isolated.  Fragile at first with many weaknesses, she has stayed busy adding layers, to make it stronger and thicker.  Nothing I say is getting through anymore, Lord.  Her shell looks completely impenetrable to me.  I have almost given up hope.


As the queen of human reasoning, she shouts me down when I talk, denying the truth that screams at her from her own mirror.  She defends herself by explaining away her sin.  She says i don't understand and that i don't love her.  But I do, Lord.


On our own, we are without hope.  And unless you do something, her path will bring her to utter destruction. but you are a God who cracks shells.  You speak, and walls fall down.  You take action, and the plains are filled with the bodies of those who seek to harm your children.  Your Word shatters the human heart, brining light into darkness.  You are the light, and darkness flees from you.


I am begging, Lord.  I am asking you to shatter the shell she trusts to protect her.  Bring light into her dark world.  Offer truth for her lies.  Give her no place to hide from your laser-like Holy Spirit.  Let her see that her only hope lies in you.  Let her trust your love enough to climb out of the shell.  Set this one I love free to be wholly yours, to love and serve you all the rest of her life. 


Because of Jesus, Amen


"Hear my prayer, O God;

listen to the words of my mouth."


Psalm 54:2








Date this page was last edited:  July 11, 2004