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  And whatever you ask in prayer you will receive if you have faith.

Matthew 21:22



"Do it Again!"


Dear Lord,


I long for the days that you showed Your power and miracles. I have often wished I had been born in those days when Moses performed the miracles and You made water flow out of rocks and invented a whole new line of health food called manna. Oh it's more than the miracles that intrigue me it's the fact that You did it for Your people. You listened and heard our prayers  and moved upon the face of the earth to change things, to cleanse and purify, to make things better and right. We need that same move today Lord, Your people need You to show Your power and might. We need You to intervene for us and show the whole world that those who are in the family of God are important to You. We are not someone to be stepped on and taken advantage of our gentleness. Oh God....DO IT AGAIN!


Thank You for hearing me today Lord.


In Jesus Name,




"O Lord our God, You brought lasting honor to Your name by removing Your people from Egypt

in a great display of power. Lord, do it again!"


Daniel 9:15



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