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  And whatever you ask in prayer you will receive if you have faith.

Matthew 21:22





Dear Lord,


Just like the disciples asked in the Bible I need more faith, tell me how to get it...Just like The disciples I have a genuine request, I want the faith necessary to do what You have told me through Your Word that I can do. The whole enchilada! I know it can not be the amount of faith that makes the difference because You told them that if they had faith the size of a mustard seed they could uproot a tree and throw it into the sea! Knowing that I don't even have enough faith to even fill a teaspoon does not help me either... But it does give me a clue, If it is not the amount then it must be the total dependence upon You and the willingness to do Your will! Wow at least I have made a start. Help me today Lord that my faith like that mustard seed will take root, begin to grow and I will become obedient to You, rooted and grounded in Your will not mine. I think I get it Lord, what little faith I do have can be enough, with You in control!


Thank You Lord, in Jesus name,




One day the disciples said to the Lord; "We need more faith, tell us how to get it"


Luke 17:5



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