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  And whatever you ask in prayer you will receive if you have faith.

Matthew 21:22



"It's Never Too Late"


Father God,


I pray for that person out there who may not even know You as their Lord, or they may profess that You are Lord but really has never surrendered their life to You. But today they sit in a "crossroad", traffic of life flowing all around them afraid to do anything. Afraid to move, because they might get hit, afraid to stay there because they know the odds increase every minute that they will never get out of where they are. Lord, clear the salve from their eyes that the enemy has smeared upon them, un-cloud their vision. Give their mind freedom to believe that it's never too late to turn to you, it doesn't matter what others may think about them. Let them understand that today is their day, this is the day they can change forever and live forever. Today is the day they can truly know and live the truth.


In Jesus' name I pray,




"But the other criminal protested. 'Don't you even fear God when you are dying?

We deserve to die for our evil deeds, but this man has not done one thing wrong.'

Then he said, ' Jesus remember me when You come into Your kingdom'.

And Jesus replied ,'Today you will be with me in Paradise. This is a solemn promise! "


Luke 23:40-42



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